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Top 5 Best Binary Options Brokers

Welcome to, the best place to start your trading experience. Since you arrived on this website you are most likely trying to figure out which is the best binary trading broker out there. You must be confused since there are plenty of websites advertising hundreds of brokers and you may be seeing banners everywhere on the internet. Lucky for you, this is the best place to find what you're looking for.

We don't want to confuse our readers, so we came up with a straight and simple solution to your problem. A very small and compact list of the most reliable brokers out there. We won't list tens of brokers we know nothing about. Here you will find only the best. Although we don't endorse any of the brokers listed on this site as we are an independent reviewer, we believe they are the top choices at this time. If the environment changes over time, we will update our list accordingly.

Now let's see what we got here! Below is our updated list with the best binary options brokers:


The ranking was last updated on February 26, 2015.

Note: Only brokers marked with the US flag accept customers from USA.

All brokers listed above are top notch brokers and can be used by people from all over the world. Opening an account takes less than five minutes and funding your account is instant because all brokers accept deposits with credit and debit cards. This means that you can start trading in no time. In less than ten minutes from now you can be trading for real money.

The best part is that binary options brokers require very small initial deposits and you can test their trading platforms with amounts of as low as 100 to 250 dollars depending on the broker.

Binary Options FAQ


Is it safe to trade binary options?

If you are here you are probably aware that binary trading comes with certain risk. First of all, you can have losing trades that will deplete your bankroll. This means you can lose your money when trading binaries. But this is the same with all derivative instruments like CFDs, Forex or other types of Options. When it comes to the binary brokers and the safety of your funds, we believe you are pretty safe but we always advise for caution. Since binary trading doesn't require very large investments and depositing or withdrawing money is very easy, we think it is best to keep your account funded with enough money to place several trades but without keeping your winnings forever in the account. We think you should keep the bulk of your money with a high profile bank that provides more safety than any broker.

Can I lose more than I invest?

The best part about binary options is that you can NEVER lose more than what you invest. This is not margin trading. The broker cannot ask you to come up with more money to cover the losses. You can lose only the amount of money you trade. When you buy an option you can lose only the value of that option. Nothing more.

What is the minimum investment needed for binary options trading?

Most brokers require a minimum investment of 200 USD, but minimum deposits can vary.

Is there anything else I need to know about binary options?

Well, the most important thing to know is to always remember the old saying "Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose". While everyone starts trading with the hope of earning money, you should always be aware that you can lose, so you should fully understand and accept the risk before starting to trade. No matter what people may say, there is nothing certain when it comes to money.

Should I trade with only one broker or should I use more?

This depends on your goals and how serious you are about binary options trading. If you plan to trade from time to time and only small amounts, one broker will be enough. However, if you are more serious about this and you plan to invest more and trade higher stakes we think you should use more than one broker. There are many reasons why splitting your investments through different brokers makes a lot of sense and can be very beneficial for you.

- You can benefit from a wider range of assets and higher payouts if you have funded accounts with three or four brokers. For example, if you want to trade Gold you may notice that one broker offers a 75% payout while another gives a 80% payout. This is not always the case because the payouts are not fixed and can vary according to market conditions and volatility. It is not a rule that Broker A has a higher payout than Broker B on a given asset. This situation can vary and change over time. It is also possible that a platform will give higher payouts for one specific asset and a lower payout for another. Why not trade where you have better payouts? Having an account with four brokers allows you to choose where you want to place the trade on the desired asset depending on the payout rates.

- Benefit from more bonus offers. If you are serious about trading and plan to do it a lot, you won't have problems in clearing the bonus requirements some brokers have. From time to time you may see promotions at some of the brokers, so having active accounts with more than one will give you the possibility to benefit from the best offers available.

- Get to know them better. If you trade with more binary options brokers you will probably like one more than another, but you can settle with the broker you like most after checking more platforms and trading in live mode with them.

- Some binary brokers offer alternative trading instruments like Touch Options, Pair Options, Boundary Options and more. Some of them have longer time frames for their trades, so you can have a wider range of choices when you trade with more than one broker.

How reliable is the list of binary options brokers from this website?

We try to keep our list as up to date as possible. Whenever we believe one of the listed brokers is no longer one of the market leaders or when we realize that another broker has become more successful we update our list accordingly. You can rest assured that all brokers listed here are the most reliable you can find.

The basics of binary trading

Binary options trading is considered to be the easiest and fastest way to trade online. Once your account is set up (which can take less than five minutes) you can make a first deposit of as low as 250 dollars and start trading right away. Since you can deposit directly with your debit or credit card you will be able to trade within minutes.

Trading is easier than one can imagine. Placing a trade takes four easy steps:

1) Select the asset - You can choose to trade currency pairs (also known as forex pairs), commodities (gold, silver, etc.), stocks indices (S&P500, NASDAQ, DOW JONES, etc.) or individual stocks (Apple, Google, Exxon, etc.).

2) Select the duration - When selecting the expiry time you choose how long the trade will last. Most brokers offer durations that range from 20 seconds to one month, The most popular trades are 30 minutes and one hour options.

3) Select the amount - This is the amount you invest in one trade. You can never lose more than this amount. If your trade is a loss you will lose the whole amount (some brokers give refunds of up to 15% of the amount, but in most cases there is no refund). Note that once you choose your investment amount the trading platform will show you the payouts in case of win or loss. You will know from the beginning how much you can win or lose. No strings attached, no commissions, no hidden fees.

4) Choose the direction - You can buy a CALL option if you think the value of the asset will go up, or a PUT option if you think the value will go down. This means that you can make profits from both bull and bear markets. Once you choose the direction and hit 'trade' your order is executed

After your order is executed you can place another order or wait for your option to expire and see if you are 'in the money' or 'out of the money'. Binary options brokers offer very nice reporting tools for your trades and you can watch your options portfolio live before it expires.

With binary options you are in control

The best thing about binary trading is that you are in total control. Every trade you place has fixed payouts and you know exactly how much money you win or lose. It offers the best tools to manage your bankroll as you will never lose more than expected. There is no 'slippage' or missed stop losses. No matter how much the market moves against you, you will never lose more than the option value.

It is no wonder why so many retail investors choose binary options instead of traditional complicated methods. Binaries are fast, easy and effective.

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Disclaimer and risk warning:

All the binary trading brokers listed on this website are independent companies that have nothing to do with us. We cannot guarantee anything about them as we are a third party website. Please don't take any information found on our website as an investment advise. Please keep in mind that binary options are trading instruments that should be used with caution and that you should never ever trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Binary trading involves risks and even the most experienced trader can lose.